About us

The Oxford Romanian Cultural Society (RomAsoc) is an open and inclusive organisation. There are no special requirements for becoming a member, and persons from within and outside the University of Oxford are welcome to join us.

RomAsoc intends to be at the same time a popular, cultural and academic Society. Its activities are varied, ranging from cultural and academic to social meetings, entertainment and charitable work.

Our motto is ‘They who give the orders also execute them’. Each member (or friend) is strongly encouraged to initiate and organize activities under the aegis of the Society. A description of the proposed activity needs to be sent to the Committee, who would accept, amend or reject the project within 48 hours. Once an activity is approved, the Committee and any other members will assume a consultative role and offer all the necessary support to the organiser(s).

The Society wishes to transform some core activities (‘Mucenici’, ‘Limba Noastra’, the Summer BBQ, Freshers' Fair, the celebration of the National Days) into traditional annual events.

RomAsoc intends to remain faithful to the main purposes of its existence: (a) being a point of contact and meeting for the Romanians in Oxford and the surrounding area and their friends, as well as (b) the promotion of the Romanian traditions, culture and values through activities open to the general public.

RomAsoc wishes to continue to grow as an open and enthusiastic Society, a good host for any Romanian or friend.